The Inspiration

There are those who have the gift of storytelling. They can build a picture with their words, adding just enough detail to raise interest without boring the audience. My father had this gift, and some of the earliest stories I can remember were of Brer Anansi and his mischief under the Baobab tree. They were tales of morality, but more than that; for me they were a magical glimpse of my father's birthplace. 

Now, as a journalist I have the unique ability to help people tell their own tales. The Documented Life Project is dedicated to the belief that we are all on a unique journey with fascinating chapters. Everyone has a story to tell, and TDLP invites you to listen.





Tai  has worked in journalism for more than ten years. She is inspired by affordable travel, pretty shoes and good science fiction. She is also powered by sunshine, rainbows and sour skittles.